Vios Challenge

The Vios Challenge brings us racing in its purest form. All 40 Toyota Vios racing cars are identically-built in one racing facility using only approved racing parts developed by TRD Japan. Further modifications are highly restricted to ensure that no individual driver will enjoy any mechanical advantage over other rivals, keeping running costs low and developing driver skill. This is part of the Vios Challenge's objective to build keener interest in motor racing among the public and to develop better and more skilled drivers on and off the race track.

The Vios Challenge will be run on purpose-designed and built street circuits to create a thrilling race environment both for the racers and spectators but will be run according to safety standards that meet all international racing regulations. In order to create a safer yet more interesting racing environment, the competitors will be divided into three categories; Sporting Class where the main racers will compete, Super Sporting Class for those who have achieved wins in previous races and the Promotional Class for invited celebrities.

There will be four events in this season’s calendar and the Vios Challenge will be the feature event at all the Toyota GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festivals. During each weekend, drivers will compete in two races each with qualifying determining their grid positions. Points are awarded in each race and the overall champion in each Class will be declared at the end of the season.

Race Car

Racing Festival is a one make series where all the cars identical and are evenly matched. Below are the specification details


  • TRD Exhaust System
  • Exhaust Manifold

Drive Train:

  • TRD clutch cover
  • TRD clutch disc
  • TRD Limited slip differential (LSD)


  • TRD suspension set
  • TRD suspension bushing
  • TRD suspension upper support (Top mount)
  • Enkei Alloy Wheel (15 x 7.0J)
  • Toyo tires (195/50R15)
  • TRD Tower bar
  • TRD lower brace set

Safety Equipment:

  • Electric Circuit Breaker
  • Towing hook (front and rear)
  • Electrical fire extinguisher system
  • Heel Plate


Aero kit set:

  • Front bumper spoiler
  • side skirt
  • Rear bumper spoiler
  • TRD rear trunk spoiler
  • OMP hood lock pin


  • OMP Bucket seat
  • TRD 6 points roll cage
  • OMP Safety pad for roll cage
  • OMP 4 points Racing harness
  • OMP steering wheel
  • In car camera system


  • TRD brake pad
  • Steel braided brake hose


1What is the Vios Challenge?
It is a one-make race featuring the dynamic and sporty Toyota Vios racing cars. These cars are prepared using identical parts developed by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and further modifications are not allowed thus making the races equal for all participants. The racers will have to rely on their individual skills to raise the trophy. The Vios Challenge will be feature event at the four TOYOTA GAZOO Racing (TGR) Racing Festival events this inaugural season.
2Then what is the TGR Racing Festival?
It will be a huge weekend-long carnival that is planned to happen in Penang, Johor and twice in KL. There will be entertainment, lots of food, games, challenges, car sales and lots of racing and drift action. It will be a fun weekend for the entire family.
3Who gets to race in the Vios Challenge?
Anyone who holds a national racing licence issued by the AAM is eligible to race. All you need is to purchase a Vios Challenge racing car.
4Can a current Vios owner join the Vios Challenge using his own car?
It would not be in the spirit of the Vios Challenge as the car could be different from the rest that have been prepared officially. The idea is to have all the racers pit skill against skill without relying on mechanical advantage. This brings motor racing back to its purest form.
5Where did the idea of the Vios Challenge come from?
The concept of a one-make race has long been established using various models of cars and modified to various stages or levels of competition. In Thailand and Philippines, they have successfully run a Vios race using approximately the same formula that was developed by TRD in Japan. In line with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s global agenda to raise initiatives in motorsport activities, we have developed the Vios Challenge here in Malaysia.
6Where and when will the Vios Challenge be run?
The race season is planned between August this year and March next year. The dates and locations will be announced when they have officially been inscribed by AAM.
7What do the winners get from this?
Winners will take home a trophy and cash prizes each race weekend.
8How safe is it racing on the streets?
There will be no compromise on safety. We are working together with TRD, AAM and our own consultants to design a circuit that is exciting, fun and yet safe for drivers and spectators. All our regulations will be inscribed according to FIA rules and we will have full medical facilities at every venue.

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